The Student Afro-American Society (S.A.S.) presented President Alan Simpson with the "nine points," designed as “logical follow-ups which reiterated and expanded" the original proposals S.A.S made on April 30 in "A Search for Relevant Education”:
1. That Black Studies be expanded into a degree-granting department.
2. That an increased number of black professors be hired to accommodate this expanded program.
3. The immediate renovation of the entire Urban Center.
4. That we receive those funds which had been promised in addition to any extra funds needed for the expansion and continuance of the Black Studies program.
5. That the college buy a bus for transportation to and from the Urban Center,
6. That Vassar College hire a separate black counselor whose additional job was to place black students after they leave Vassar.
7. That a black housing facility be provided by 1971 which will eventually accommodate at least 200 students.
8. That an architect be contracted to design this facility by Monday, November 17th, 1969.
9. That black students be provided with agreeable black housing until the construction of this facility was completed.