President Simpson and trustee representative Orville Schell signed an agreement with Claudia Thomas '71, president of Students’ Afro-American Society (S.A.S.), in which the college agreed to fully implement points one through six of the students’ demands, as well as a modified version of the last three points dealing with an all-black dorm.  With brooms and mops from a utility closet, the students inside Main tidied up, removing the boards that had held the front doors shut.  At 9:30 pm, the demonstrating students re-opened Main Building.   Claudia Thomas recalled: “We left behind an arrangement of daisies on the switchboard operator’s desk, standing tall in a Coca-Cola bottle. For me, I left more than a clean, well-swept area, and a bottle with flowers in it. I left behind nineteen months of anger.”     Dr. Claudia Thomas, God Spare Life (2007)