The Miscellany News reported that talk show host and two time Emmy winner Dick Cavett was to speak at the 115th Commencement on May 27, 1979.

President Smith said of Cavett, “I am pleased that Mr. Cavett was selected. Television has an enormous influence on American thought, morals, and manners. The Dick Cavett Show on the Public Broadcasting System is an instructive program which, while it is very entertaining, still appeals to the viewer’s intellect and ethical instincts.

“The merit of that program is demonstrated by the quality of the guests who have appeared with Mr. Cavett—guests such as John Cheever and John Updike in the field of literature; Aaron Copland and Isaac Stern in music; Rudolph Nureyev in the dance; Henry Steele Commager and Richard Leakey in the social sciences; Woody Allen, Ingrid Bergman and Neil Simon in theater and film, and such panels as those dealing with sociobiology, the English language and drugs. I am sure Mr. Cavett will have a message of considerable value to our graduating class.”     News from Vassar