Students organized to oppose possible legislation reinstating the draft.  President Carter asked Congress in February for $5 million to build up the standby draft system, in decline since the draft ended in 1972.  He discussed congressional pressure to reinstate the draft at a news conference on April 10, saying that he saw no immediate reason to reinstate the draft, but adding, “ah, we do have the authority as you know to register persons for a draft in the future if it’s needed.  I would like to say that if we do ever institute a draft I would like to make it universal in its scope.  I don’t think that just because someone is wealthy enough or influential enough to go to college that they ought to be excused from being susceptible to the draft.”     The New York Times

On July 2, 1980, Carter reinstated draft registration for “male citizens…and other males residing in the United States…born on or after January 1, 1960, and who have attained their eighteenth birthday.”