Professor of Anthropology and Latin American Studies Peter Furst from the State University of New York at Albany lectured on “The Peyote Cult Among the Huichol Indians of Mexico” in Josselyn living room.  Furst began studying the Huichol, an ancient Indian population of some 15,000 in the mountains of the Mexican Sierra Madre Occidental Range, in 1964.  Inspired by the psychoactive peyote cactus, the tribal shamans communicated through “peyote pilgrimages” with their ancestors and deities and experienced visions of their myths.  Furst encouraged the expression of these visions in the ethnic yarn paintings unique to this population. Writing in American Anthropologist in 1970, a reviewer of Furst’s film, To Find Our Life: The Peyote Hunt of the Huichols of Mexico (1969) called it “one of the most successful ethnographic movies in color ever made.”